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Excellent Three60 North Home Apartment Reviews

A cursory 10-month survey made by Three60 North Home Apartments from July 2105 to May 2016 asked for Ratings and Reviews from a sample of residents who gave their opinion on five dimensions or issues that include: Parking, Noise, Grounds, Construction, Maintenance, and Staff.

A number of residents were asked by Three60 North Home Apartment Reviews over the 10-month period and about fifteen (15) residents responded to the survey.

The results of the Three60 North Home Apartment Reviews survey showed the following:

(a) On giving a rating as to whether they would recommend Three60 North Home Apartments to others to stay at the same place on the basis of their experience, about 13% said “No,” while a significant 87% said “Yes” they would recommend the place to others.

(b) While the views and opinions expressed by residents are solely those of the original authors and other contributors, these views do not reflect the opinion of Three60 North Apartments, its owners, managers, agents, employees or content providers.

(c) Majority of the Reviews mentioned the following:

“It’s OK to live here,” by La S.

“Great place to live,” by Wilbelto R

“Pretty good place,” by Sabrena G

“Impressed” by Tyrill C.

“Nice Apartment,” by Bukola A

“So far so good,” by Janeth B.

“I love the property and the location,” by Tamica H.

“Not great but getting better,” by Prentice G.

“Good place to live,” by Rocia A

“Plan to stay for awhile,” by Nicole G.

“It's an awesome place to live,” by Lebarron B

Overall, positive feedback was given by the respondents on the entire Three60 North Home Apartments complex that included parking, grounds, maintenance and staff. The apartment staff was particularly cited as highly cooperative, courteous and helpful, which gave a high rating to the management of Three60 North Home Apartments. However, here were some issues on noise and construction that the management was asked to resolve.

(d) Response from Property: In the cursory report on resident ratings and reviews published online, the management appreciated the feedback from those who responded to the survey and assured the residents of the swift resolution of issues brought up by the respondents. It should be noted that the maintenance services were also given praises by some respondents in the survey. 

Three60 North Home Apartments present itself as an enticing and superbly designed classic apartment from its exterior yet revealing itself as an striking and exceptionally modern facility at the inside, becoming an alternative to a new lifestyle of apartment living.

Managed by Cottonwood Residential, the superb Three60 North Apartments Town Home are beautifully renovated apartments and is a gated apartment community and part of the wider community of different apartment complexes sprawled across the Grand Prairie Texas area. You can visit site :